Lead with values. Empower your Team.

Innovative and tailored services

IICH supports people to unlock their true potential in order to live with more meaning and purpose.

The IICH coaching approach places an important emphasis on enabling individuals and teams :

It is this intention that led to the development of HOVTA as a diagnostic tool for identifying values & soft skills. IICH believes that a deeper awareness of our core values can enable more congruence between beliefs and actions. And, at the same time provide an opportunity to challenge and really consider those beliefs.

An international commitment

In France, the IICH is specialised in supporting small to medium sizes businesses with a high growth potential.

The IICH offers high quality coaching training courses.

On an international level, the IICH delivers SEC coaching programmes (Social Entrepreneurship Coaching) and SRC (Social Responsibility Coaching) aiming to develop social entrepreuneurship and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in emerging countries.

A team of committed changemakers

IICH is a small team of multi-skilled professionals with a breadth of experiences in both business and the wider human development field ; including coaching. Experiences which enrich the team’s ability to support people based on their specific development goals.